Visit to Sponsor Kids in South Cebu

To be honest, there is a big world out there and there is a bigger need to be solved. For Rise Above, we have been trying to reach out to the many families who need our help. And it’s not just in Cebu City, but as well as to those who are in need outside the city.

Some of the families that we help are in Moalboal, south of Cebu, which we take time to visit almost every month.

Such strong people we got here! Volunteers with Marie and Rey went to deliver these goods to Merivic and Nheil Boy, our sponsored students.

Last month, we went out to Moalboal to visit our sponsored kids with some of the volunteers from France. It was a fun team to be with and they were so happy that they were able to help out in delivering grocery items to our sponsored kids living there.

And of course, it wouldn’t be fun without a little bit of diving, right? We were in Moalboal, so why not seize the moment?!

A short walk towards Merivic and Nheil Boy's house. They are surrounded by trees and plants. That's the beauty of living outside the city.

We were also able to visit Junevieve in their house. (Read about Junevieve’s extraordinary feat here.) We were able to give out the clothes that we bought which were donated to us. The kids were really happy.

Junevieve is now on her third year in college education and will be doing her internship soon. It is such an inspiration to us.

Yes, life is tougher in the city but so as anywhere else. And we are just glad that we can reach out even to those who need help in the province, through your donations.

If you want to donate for our cause, please do so through our DONATE page. We also accept donations of goods and other materials necessary for the work that we do.

You can also sponsor a child’s education through a small amount every month. With just $40 per month for elementary school and $45 per month for high-school, you can send a child to school with complete school materials and food every day. That’s less than $2 per day!

Check out our Sponsor Education page for more details.


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