Finding Gold in the City’s Trash: Situation of Poor Families in Cebu Dumpsite

By Karla Evangelista, Intern Coordinator

Inayawan Dumpsite is the largest dumpsite in Cebu. It may be hard to believe, but thousands of families actually live in the dumpsite. People here build their houses with scrap materials and some are on actual garbage. Some people also get their food from the dumpsite! The city’s trash is gold to many of the residents of the dumpsite.

When it rains, it’s becomes an even tougher situation. Imagine the trash, mud, and knee-deep filthy water! That’s only some of it! But even on sunny days, it’s no place for a child to live and grow up in. Unfortunately, that is the reality for thousands of people. But despite the living conditions, there is still hope.

This is Arnel and his family. Arnel literally was born and grew up in the dumpsite with his parents. They lived there for 17 years now.

education. This is one of the main reasons why many kids don’t go to school. They simply cannot afford it. Not all of them can have both food and an education, so they give up the latter.

Every day, people go over the new batch of trash that is dumped in the area to look for anything that they can still use. They even collect eggs that were thrown, clean and cook them (see picture above).

This is Arnel's house. 10 people live in this house.

This is where the sponsorship program comes in. With the help of our sponsors, children don’t have to give up going to school! Right now, we have about 20 kids from the dumpsite under the sponsorship program. Again, we’d like to thank our sponsors for giving the kids a chance for a better future!

If you want to be part of this movement and make a difference for these kids, you can check our Sponsor Education page. You can do it. We can help them.


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