Rising Above the COVID-19 Pandemic

One can practice social distancing and still reach out.

On March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 as a global pandemic. All of a sudden, Rise Above projects were put on hold, interns and volunteers were urged to fly back home to their respective countries, and lives and livelihoods all over Cebu and the whole Philippines came to a complete standstill – all while poverty and hunger continue to burden underprivileged families and communities. Here is a video about four families from the slum areas of Cebu City and how the lockdown has magnified the daily difficulties they are already dealing with:

We have since extended our help to these families and many others, but a lot more are suffering and in need of assistance beyond what we can provide. Nevertheless, Rise Above will continue to endure the year 2020 with high hopes and these families will continue to have a reason to smile and look forward to better days, knowing that people and partners like you are beside and behind us, making a difference, and continuing to reach out to those in need despite the physical and social distance.

You can donate through www.riseabove-cebu.org/give. Any amount is welcome. A small donation goes a long way!

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